The New Google Assistant Is Now Available in Six Countries in Total

The New Google Assistant Is Now Available in Six Countries in Total


It was in May 2019 that Google provided us a look at the brand-new Google Assistant, which meant to make the smartphone Assistant experience better. Now, according to the latest reports, the new Assistant is made available in six countries in total, including the United States, UK, Canada, Ireland, Singapore and Australia. According to Google, the new update has made the Assistant ten times faster than it was before. Google has achieved this by compressing algorithms to an extend that they can run locally.

Earlier, Google Assistant needed to keep in touch with the servers to gather data and perform actions. That has changed with the new Assistant, which packs a lot of algorithms compressed down to a size of just 500 MB. This condensation process had brought a collection of algorithms that used to weigh 100GB to a meagre size of 500MB, which is something every Android device can store inside. The prospect of a digital assistant that is quicker has always attracted the masses’ attention and this is the same for Google’s Assistant, which has been more productive than its competitors in the market. There are some restrictions though.

The biggest restriction is that the new Assistant is made available in English at this point. The company may expand the algorithms to other languages in the future, but you should be an English-speaking person if you want to enjoy the benefits of a quicker Google Assistant. It is also worth noting that you should be in one of the six countries to receive the major update. There is no word from Google on when the same will become available for other countries. More importantly, you should have a Pixel 4 to enjoy this revamped Assistant, even if you meet all the abovementioned criteria.

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