Samsung and Android on the verge of Dominating US States

Samsung and Android on the verge of Dominating US States


Android is an operating system used worldwide. Talking about the US market in smartphones, Android covers 50% of the total market. These stats show the popularity of Android in the US. In the past ten years, Android has significantly come up with its ability to provide different specifications. It has attracted many users in the US and all around the globe. There are two major players in smartphones. Of course, Apple and the second is Samsung. Both of them cover around 76% of the total market share. Apple covers nearly 43% of the smartphone market share whereas Samsung holds about 28%, followed by LG with almost 9%.

Android users specifically prefer Samsung smartphones in the US. Samsung Galaxy S8 dominates the northern and eastern states. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 majorly has its users in Southwest and West Coast. Connecticut and South Dakota have more users of Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most popular smartphone in Alabama. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are too popular in the US. They are so popular that they did not have that much effect on sale by the launch of S10 generation. However, S10 had a solid start, but it has been observed to have a weak sign. It might take a year to compete with the S8 model.

With the invention of 5G, Samsung is going to launch its new set of generations and hoping to attract more users towards it. 5G may have a positive impact on end-users. The effect would be according to the cost that the end-user has to face. Apple’s next series will have 5G embedded in its product. The company has the advantage of loyal customers in the US. It will be challenging for other players to survive as these two big giants have a broad portfolio and global presence. However, it is interesting to see and know how Samsung and Apple will compete in the US market in the coming future.

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