google expels four employees over alleged data security violation

Google Expels Four Employees Over Alleged Data Security Violation


The tension between Google and its employees continues to rise after weeks of internal dispute related to the mistrust of leadership. The tech giant has fired four of its employees over alleged breach of security policies. Two of them have been leading the recent worker protest in San Francisco. Google’s investigation team has said that workers have been fired due to their involvement in unlawful activities. They have also said that fired workers have been doing systematic searches on other employees’ work and materials. Google has not confirmed the names of the employees who have been fired. However, Rebecca Rivers, who voiced her concern regarding Google’s contract with US customs and border protection, is one of the terminated employees.

Since last week, a group of 20 employees has been protesting against the questioning of Rivers and another employee Laurence Berland by Google’s investigative team. Both have been put on indefinite administrative leave for sharing sensitive information. Berland and Rivers held an intense protest against Google, which attracted around 200 employees of the company. The top demand of the protesters was to reinstate Berland and Rivers in the organization. Berland and Rivers said that they were put on sudden leave in vengeance for their activism. They also claimed that both were not allowed to take breaks and bring any representation during two and a half-hour interrogation. They said that Google has deleted their personal information and taken away their work device as well.

On the other hand, the investigation team has asserted that these employees have been accessing and distributing business information outside the scope of their work. The team has said that details of internal emails, inaccurate description of other employees’ job profiles have been shared externally. Google has claimed that fired individuals have shared sensitive information such as medical appointments and meetings. One of the fired employees has tracked the whereabouts of the other employees, which made other staff feel unsafe. As per the company’s findings, many other workers have requested to change their location due to such security issues. Google has witnessed an upsurge in employee unrest in the past two years. Employees have been protesting over their rights as workers. Around 20000 employees blamed the tech giant for mishandling sexual harassment cases and staged a walkout in the past. Google has to find some ways to put an end to such protests and ease out the unrest among its employees soon.

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