First Pediatric Death Reported Because Of Flu San Antonio

First Pediatric Death Reported Because Of Flu San Antonio


The rise of flu season is already making people nervous, and people are getting hospitalized because of it. Now a recent report from health officials of San Antonio shows the first Pediatric Death reported in there. According to the metropolitan district health department of San Antonio reported early child death from this year’s flu season. This death must have happened in between 17-23, according to health officials. During this period, the number of patients getting positive from the flu test has increased by more than 85 percent.

The health officials of the district said they are witnessing a rise in numbers of patients, and that’s why they’re taking extra care. The shocking part of it is that more than 1000 people were found to have gotten sick in the city and near Bexar county from last week. This weekly report indicates more than half of these patients were aged below four or younger. Health advisors are predicting a severe flu season this year, and it has started way earlier than anyone’s expectations.

Flu season always starts every year during the fall, but many states have witnessed the current year’s flu. Last year in San Antonio, a child died because of flu-related illness in between March-April. Last year Bexar county reported one pediatric death, and this year has already started with it. Vaccines and proper precautions have found to be a common source of cure for flu-related illnesses. CDC reported flu season might take off this year, and that’s why advised people to hospitalized if they found any symptoms of influenza. Precautions include infected people not get in touch with non inflected ones because if which influenza virus can get spread. Flu activities have already started; experts are analyzing the current situation to ensure things will be good for everyone in the upcoming days.

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